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Mark Wickenden

by Q: Conditions in Atlanta....

I am visiting Atlanta in December. What kind of weather can I expect? How will it affect the golf ball? What can I do to prepare for it?   - Wayne Ormsby

      The weather in Georgia in December can be quite cold; however, we can also see some nice days in the 60's, so it pays to be prepared- watch your local weather channel and dress accordingly.

With the cooler weather golf courses don't dry out as they would in the summer which makes them play much longer than normal. Couple that with colder air and the golf ball simply doesn't fly as far as it does in the warmer weather. You need to adjust for these conditions and take one or two extra clubs - remember the harder you hit the more spin you impart on the ball and the higher it goes, so into the wind takes a lot more club and swing easy.

Here are some other tips for handling the cold winter month:

  • Be prepared with extra towels, gloves and an umbrella
  • Keep clubs dry - carry a hood for your bag
  • Stay warm - a micro fiber wind shirt is great for keeping the old wind out without being too bulky. Gore-tex jackets are also good investments for keeping you both dry and warm. Wear a warm hat and a pair of winter gloves or cart mitts with a hand warmer.
  • Play a lower compression ball and keep an extra one in your pocket and rotate.
  • Temptation is to force shots when it is cold and windy - make a conscious effort to swing smoothly
  • Don't fight the wind - if you are playing into a left to right wind, aim left and let the wind bring the ball back

- Mark Wickenden, Head Pro, formely @ Cobblestone GC
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